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Dining Assistant Classes
Certified through the Ohio Department of Health, this two-day, 10-hour course offers NON-MEDICAL personnel (Administrators, Social Workers, Activities, Laundry Staff, Housekeeping Staff, Dietary Staff, Business Office Staff, Support Staff, etc. ) and volunteers the opportunity to assist residents of Long Term Care settings with their dining experiences.
This course IS also available to be taught at ANY long term care facility in the State of Ohio; minimum class size to travel to your site: 10 trainees.

Purpose of Dining Assistant (DA) Training Program:

Prepare DA in LTCF to feed assigned residents
Prepare DA to function as part of the health care team
Make DA aware of principles of nursing/delegation
Topics Covered:
Abuse, Neglect and Misappropriation
Communication and Interpersonal Skills
Infection Control
Safety and Emergency Procedures
Respecting Residents Rights
Nutrition and Fluid Needs
One hour of hands-on experience, under the supervision of our RN, assisting residents in the dining room with their dining experience is also included in this course.
Dates of classes: Upon request

Dining Assistant Classes

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